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Monument Hockey Academy

Our mission is to maintain a balanced lifestyle of education and hockey by revolutionizing the training experience.

Attitude of excellence

Monument Hockey Academy is a unique experience focusing on maximizing training opportunities both on and off the ice, as well as in the classroom.

Skating out of Monument Ice Rinks in beautiful Monument, Colorado, players will have access to an on-site gym, 365 Performance, a private study room and rides to and from school facilities. MHA is grateful for our partnership with all of these incredible educational programs to add over 720 hours of training for our athletes.

Train like no one else

Achieve your athletic potential by training like no one else. 720 hours of training, NOT including the regular training you are already doing in season through your Club's Hockey Program.


1 MHA School Year is equivalent to 5 seasons of youth hockey.

Education to impress

Get an education that colleges will be excited about. Achieve academically with options that cater towards the packed schedule a hockey player lives.


MHA Education options are all FREE and adhere to the exceptional standards of Colorado schooling.

An exceptional approach

Professional and olympic level coaches partner with educators so your player will always be getting the best of both at all times.



MHA employs an olympic and pro level coaching staff.